Stay Cool This Summer!

Summer 2017 is turning out to be one of the hottest on record for Oregonians. At MetroEast we love our volunteers, community partners and clients and want you to stay healthy. So stay hydrated and keep cool! This is especially important for babies, children, the elderly and infirm. And don't forget about your pets!

If you are looking for someplace to cool off in the greater Portland area, read on:

This information provided courtesy of Portland Parks & Recreation:

Stay cool for FREE at several Portland Parks & Recreation community centers:

PP&R also offers swimming pools, park fountains and splash pads, Poet’s Beach on the Willamette

(Portland, OR) –

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R) is providing additional citywide opportunities to stay cool during the heat wave. Use the following list to find fun activities and cool places to refresh yourself this week.


The public is welcome to visit the following air conditioned PP&R community centers to refresh in the lobby areas as capacity allows at any time. Please note that PP&R summer camps will be given priority for community center space. Additionally, these specific community centers below are offering even more opportunities to stay cool.

Charles Jordan Community Center

9009 N. Foss Ave, 503-823-3631

WED, August 2-FRI, August 4        

9am-9pm Board games, cards, & puzzles, possible movie


Community Music Center

3350 SE Francis St, 503-823-3177

WED, August 2-THU, August 3                                           

9:30am-8:30pm Auditorium is available (classes held on the stage from 6:30pm-8:30 pm--public is welcome as quiet audience)

FRI, August 4

9:30am-4:30pm CMC auditorium is available for the public to cool off


East Portland Community Center

740 SE 106th Ave, 503-823-3450

WED, August 2-FRI, August 4                                            

5:30pm - 9:30pm     Board games, foosball, ping-pong, movie


Hillside Community Center

653 Northwest Culpepper Terrace, 503-823-3181

WED, August 2-THU, August 3                                           

1pm-6pm          Movie and board games

FRI, August 4

3pm-6pm          Movie and board games


Matt Dishman Community Center
77 NE Knott St, 

WED, August 2                      6:30pm-9pm                           Showing a movie

THU, August 3 6:30-9:00pm   Showing a movie                    

FRI, August 4 5pm-8pm        Showing a movie


Mt. Scott Community Center

5530 SE 72nd Ave, 503-823-3183

WED, August 2-FRI, August 4

5:30am - 9:30pm     Limited activities provided (e.g. board games)


Multnomah Arts Center

7688 SW Capitol Hwy, 503-823-2787

WED, August 2-FRI, August 4

9am - 9:30pm - Hallways available for refreshing

5pm-9:30pm - Auditorium also available


Southwest Community Center

6820 SW 45th Ave, 503-823-2840

WED, August 2-FRI, August 4

6:30pm - 8:30pm      Showing a movie


St. Johns Community Center

8247 N. Central St, 503-823-3192

WED-FRI 6pm-10pm Public welcome to come in to stay cool; no activities provided



PP&R offers you the following tips for a safe summer, PP&R pool and splash pad/fountain information, and Poet’s Beachhours and info below.

·         Stay hydrated. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day – at least 8 oz. each, and drink more if you are working, playing or exercising.

·         Many surfaces found in parks or elsewhere in the city may be hot. These include asphalt, concrete, plastic, metal where the sun is shining, may be hot.  Parents should use care when supervising children on play structures, park benches, paths, and elsewhere

·         Sleep well. Rest is important to the daily recovery of muscles and your body and brain function.

·         Choose food wisely. A sugar rush is usually followed by sugar burnout, about 30 minutes later. Instead, choose whole food proteins, healthy fats, and natural sources of carbohydrates.

·         Don’t burn! Remember to pack and USE sunscreen. Apply it frequently, and reapply after swimming.

·         Cooling centers: people in need of heat relief are encouraged to visit or to call 211 for the locations of cooling centers in your area. Other places to get out of the heat include Portland Parks & Recreation Community Centers, libraries, shopping malls,and nonprofit organizations.

·         Our H20 is NOT too low: The Portland Water Bureau assures us that our City’s current water use is normal for this time of year. The Bull Run reservoirs have plenty of water to meet the higher summer demand that comes with hot weather. Anyone with questions can call the Portland Water Bureau Water Line at 503-823-7525.


PP&R pools offer open play swims, water exercise classes, junior lifeguard training, junior swim training, summer swim teams, and special events. Free swims are offered through August 25, at pools across Portland, though during the heat wave, there may be a wait time at various pools due to high demand. For more information on how to register for swimming lessons or participate in other summer activities, contact the pool in your area or the Aquatics Administration Office at 503-823-5130.

Pool schedules and info are available at

Outdoor Pool Locations

·         Creston Pool, 4454 SE Powell Blvd, (503) 823-3672

·         Grant Pool, 2300 NE 33rd Avenue, (503) 823-3674

·         Montavilla Pool,8219 NE Glisan Street, (503) 823-3675

·         Peninsula Pool, 700 N Rosa Parks Way, (503) 823-3677

·         Pier Pool, 9341 N St. Johns Avenue, (503) 823-3678

·         Sellwood Pool, 7951 SE 7th Avenue, (503) 823-3679

·         Wilson Pool, 1151 SW Vermont Avenue, (503) 823-3680

Indoor Pool Locations

·         Columbia Pool, 7701 N Chautauqua Blvd, (503) 823-3669

·         East Portland Pool, 740 SE 106th Avenue, (503) 823-3450

·         Matt Dishman Pool, 77 NE Knott Street, (503) 823-3673

·         Mt. Scott Pool, 5530 SE 72nd Avenue, (503) 823-3183

·         Southwest Pool, 6820 SW 45th Avenue, (503) 823-2840


Portland Parks & Recreation's splash pads and fountains around the city are open to help you stay cool! Cool off through the end of September. Splash pad hours are 11 am to 9 pm; fountain hours mirror park hours. What’s the difference? Fountains have chlorination and recirculate water; while water in splash pads drains away – like running through the sprinklers. Our list is also available online at in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, Somali, and Vietnamese.

Note: Fountains are great for playing in, but the water is not for drinking! Like a swimming pool, fountains recirculate treated water. Please help us keep the fountains clean for all to enjoy.

·         Dawson Park, N Stanton Street and Williams Avenue

·         Director Park, 815 SW Park Avenue 

·         Holladay Park, NE 11th Avenue and Holladay Street

·         Jamison Square, 810 NW 11th Avenue 

·         Stark Street Island Park’s Rose Pedal Fountain, SE 106th Avenue and Stark Street

·         Waterfront Park’s Bill Naito Legacy Fountain, by Saturday Market, near the Burnside Bridge

·         Waterfront Park’s Salmon Springs Fountain, Naito Parkway between SW Harrison Street and NW Glisan


·         Columbia Park and Annex, N Lombard Street and Woolsey Avenue

·         Earl Boyles Park, east of SE 107th Avenue and Francis Street (UNDERGOING MAINTENANCE, MAY BE CLOSED FOR REPAIRS)

·         Elizabeth Caruthers Park, 3508 SW Moody Avenue

·         Essex Park, SE 79th Avenue and Center Street  

·         Farragut Park, Kerby Avenue and Farragut Street  

·         Grant Park, NE 33rd Avenue and US Grant Place

·         Irving Park, NE 7th Avenue and Fremont Street

·         Kenton Park, 8417 N Brandon Avenue

·         Khunamokwst Park, 5200 NE Alberta Street

·         McCoy Park, N Trenton Street and Newman Avenue 

·         Northgate Park, N Geneva Avenue and Fessenden Street

·         Peninsula Park, 700 N Rosa Parks Way

·         Pier Park, N Lombard Street and Bruce Avenue

·         Raymond Park, SE 118th Avenue and Raymond Street

·         Woodlawn Park, NE 13th Avenue and Dekum Street


·         The new Poet’s Beach on the Willamette River is open daily, staffed with river lifeguards 11am-7pm (lifeguard hours are subject to change).