Check Out Gear Now

July 29, 2015

Now you’re ready to check out gear – let’s do a quick check-list:

  • Attended orientation
  • Completed and paid for the workshop ($25 aka ALL CLASS PASS)
  • Completed the workshop for the gear you’d like to check-out.
  • Filled out a Producer Info form
  • Paid your Activity Fee ($50) or volunteered off your activity fee

Check mark next to all of those?  You're ready to check out some gear.

How do I check out gear, you might ask?

The Equipment Room is open Thursday, Friday, and Monday from 2-10 as well as Saturday from 9-10 and Sunday From 11-6.

To reserve gear call 503-667-8848 x307
Or just come in and set up your reservation in person anytime we're open!

We do give priority to reservations, so last-minute checkout requests can't always be fulfilled.

Just want to see what we've got? 
Oggle our gear.