Campy Summer

August 14, 2017
game controller

It’s been a busy summer at our Rockwood DIY location. We kicked it off with our Rockwood Stories digital storytelling camp, worked with Game It Up Initiative to host Rockwood Digital, a video game camp for youth 9-14 and we finished it off with our The Beat Drops in Rockwood music video camp for youth 14-21. Get the deets on each below.

One of the best things about these camps is they have been entirely sponsored by grants and donations. I you would like to participate in that momentum, please donate here.


Digital Storytelling Camp for Youth


A whole bunch of kids. A whole bunch of diversity. A whole bunch of iPads. The holy trio of summer camps. We received a grant for 6 Large from East Metro STEAM Partnership to have Rockwood area kids in our digital storytelling camp. These are some of my favorite projects—being at heart a spazzy kid, I loved working with this super creative, diverse (Somali, Thai, Latin American, United Statesian) group of kids. We were a bit rough around the edges at first, but toward the end of the camp it felt like a family. The kids produced four fabulous films and our staff produced a great behind the scenes video:

Rockwood Digital Video Game Camp

Have you ever tried coding? Boooooooring. Have you ever tried playing video games? Awesooooooooome! Imagine, though, if you will, a path that took you from playing video games to learning how to code them. That might be just the ticket. That’s how it all went down at our the Rockwood Digital Video Game camp. We took a bunch of varmints (kids) and got those youngsters to play video games (which was not very hard) and then had them using an online coding program called SNAP (also not very hard). Our friend from the Game it up Initiative, Jomo Greenidge, and his 5 fantabulous mentors: Jamal, Jerry, Jordan, José and Jacoby, lead the camp. Here is a link to the dirt, all the kids wrote blogs about their experiences.

The Beat Drops in Rockwood


Ready to hear some sick beats and phat videos? Check out the YouTube playlist below for a huge slice of Awesome pie. Lead by a crackerjack team of audio and visual experts, youth produced 6 music videos using our professional recording booth and equipment at Rockwood DIY. I could not be more proud of them.