Protect your camera gear at the beach by keeping the lenses on your camera, keeping your gear in a waterproof bag while not in use to keep sand and water away, and making sure your gear does not get hot to the touch.

Sand, Salt, Heat, and Water...It's a fatal combination for sensitive electronics. So what's an image-maker to do? 1. Whenever you're not actively using your camera keep it covered. Like really covered. We recommend a ziplock bag or something similar. A waterproof picnic blanket wrap can work in a pinch. The key is, you do not want sand or water (especially salt water!) blowing onto your camera and getting into it's cracks and crevices. 

Field Camera Kit

When you make a field equipment reservation you are automatically reserving a camera (with batteries and power supply) and a tripod. Our current cameras are the Panasonic AG-AC 160AP, which record on SD card media (supplied).  The tripods are...

This is a photo of one of our pieces of field equipment, a Panasonic camera with an on-camera hot shoe LED light

Field Equipment GuideTo help you get started as a producer, here is an overview of some of the field production equipment available to you at MetroEast.