Now you’re ready to check out gear – let’s do a quick check-list: Attended orientation Completed and paid for the workshop ($25 aka ALL CLASS PASS) Completed the workshop for the gear you’d like to check-out. Filled out a Producer Info form Paid your Activity Fee ($50) or volunteered off your activity fee Check mark next to all of those?  You're ready to check out some gear. How do I check out gear, you might ask? The Equipment Room is open...

You're the only one who can capture your point of view of this event. Make sure you catch the context in your shot!

You're the only one who can capture this from your perspective.   Many of us media people won't be able to pass up a chance to capture our own images of the upcoming solar eclipse.    

Protect your camera gear at the beach by keeping the lenses on your camera, keeping your gear in a waterproof bag while not in use to keep sand and water away, and making sure your gear does not get hot to the touch.

Sand, Salt, Heat, and Water...It's a fatal combination for sensitive electronics. So what's an image-maker to do?

How to share your YouTube video on social media, email, and on your website

1 Click on the "Get Your YouTube Link" on the email

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Pleased to meet you again, for the very first time. (photo by Jonathan Reiterman, MetroEast Volunteer)

Check out MetroEast super volunteer, Lorena Connelly's , latest work!

  Social Media Workshop    

Brethren Voices, produced by Ed Groff Ed Groff brought a cake in last month to celebrate his 12th year producing Brethren Voices. As the cake says, they have received over 103k hits on youtube for the show. Brethren Voices is a show that spotlights...