In 2011, a ten-year old boy named Jonathan came in to talk with Jen Dynes at Metroeast and said he wanted to be a photographer and filmmaker. Jen said, "OK". And so began the professional journey of Jonathan Reiterman. For the past four years, young Mr. Reiterman has taught himself photography, videography and web skills using the Get Reel equipment. Jonathan attended the 2012 Get Reel Studio Camp and Popcorn Story Camp. He has taken the public...

This blog is written by our Get Reel Young Writer, Kaitlynn Brady. Kaitlynn is a is an experienced filmmaker who has completed advanced POWGirls camps at MetroEast.

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Interested in what we're up to at our location in Rockwood? Read on my friend, read on.

The 2017 POWGirls Film Camp is once again being hosted by MetroEast Community Media studios in Gresham, Oregon.

Volunteer Spotlight Graphic: Kaylee

Please welcome our new intern, Kaylee! "I fell in love with the idea that I can give new perspectives to others through what I create, so I do my best to accomplish that every day." /*-->*/

FROM ROCKWOOD TO THE WHITE HOUSE IN 24 HOURS   On behalf of MetroEast Community Media, I was honored to join the next generation of young filmmakers, their mentors, and parents at the 3rd Annual White House Student Film Festival. Our film LETTERS...

Get Reel staff and volunteers led a group of young, aspiring filmmakers through the creation of a three-minute film that was submitted to this year’s White House Student Film Festival.