Scheduling Your Program


The final step in producing your program is to share it with viewers on MetroEast's cable TV channels. Your program will play several times, on Comcast Cable Channels 11 and 21, and Channel 321 in high definition, and Frontier FiOs cable TV on Channels 22 and 32.

To schedule your program, fill out a Cablecast Request form completely and return it to MetroEast Community Media. You may submit your program with the Cablecast Request or separately, however we do encourage producers to submit their program media with the form. Your program must be received no later than 4 pm three days before its first scheduled cablecast (For example, if your program is scheduled to air on Thursday, the tape must be delivered to the Programming Department by 4 pm on Monday).

If you are interested in producing a series, you can submit a request at the beginning of each of our four seasons. For more details, contact Aaron Edwards, Playback, at (503) 667-8848, ext. 332.

If you would like a Cablecast Request form for series or single programs, call or visit the Playback Department, (503) 667-8848, ext. 332.