Rules and Regulations

MetroEast Community Media helps everyday people make television programs.

Our workshops get you certified and by paying an annual activity fee you are able to check out field equipment, studio space and edit suites.

Our aim is to give you access to the tools to make great community programming.

At various places on the website you’ll have found our Code of Conduct, EQ room FAQ, and Playback Information which we hope have provided you with an overview of our policies.

Our policies and procedures have been developed over a period of years and are designed to ensure fair dispersal of production and channel resources rather than to discourage production of content. However, if you fail to follow policy, a discrepancy form is filled out documenting the circumstances.

On a positive note most folks don’t accumulate discrepancies. In some instances receiving frequent discrepancies will result in a warning letter and potentially restriction from using MetroEast equipment and facilities. Some of our policies carry more weight than others and may result in immediate and permanent restriction from using MetroEast equipment and facilities.

Most of these heavy weight policies fall under three categories: gross negligence with equipment, intentional disregard for MetroEast equipment use policies, or program material violations.

Adherence to the following policies will greatly help in making your time at MetroEast a pleasurable one:

1. If you use MetroEast gear or facilities to make a show, that show needs to air on our channels. No exceptions.

2. Commercial content, sales of products or services. Solicitation of funds including goods and services is strictly prohibited. Essentially if it has anything to do with making or getting money you might want to check in with us first.

3. Potentially objectionable programs can be aired on our channels after 11PM and will be preceded by a short disclaimer. If you have questions as to what constitutes objectionable programming please contact Playback.

4. We do not pre-screen your programming before it airs, so your adherence to potentially objectionable material and prohibited content is very much appreciated.

5. Copyrighted material: when submitting programming please ensure that you have obtained all necessary permissions, releases, licenses and made all necessary payments to authorize use of any such copyrighted material included in your program.

6. If you submit for a series and repeatedly miss playback submission deadlines your show will be cancelled and you may be prevented from submitting for a series in the future.

7. Use of MetroEast facilities and equipment on multiple occasions and not submitting any programming can result in restriction from using MetroEast equipment and facilities.

8. Slander is exceptionally difficult to prove however, please be advised that our channels are not available for personal feuds or tirades.

9. Use of MetroEast gear for your “own on-the-side” production will result in restriction from using MetroEast equipment and facilities.

10. We make a really big deal about our affordable workshops, in fact you can even do a work agreement to pay for your workshops. As producer of a show you are responsible for ensuring the folks running the equipment have the appropriate certification.

11. When the Producer of a show signs out for the studio or a field camera, or any piece of gear for that matter, they are taking full responsibility for the equipment that is temporarily in their possession. Any repairs, parts and replacement arising because of damage or loss of equipment occurring while it is in the borrowers possession will require the borrower to reimburse MetroEast. Failure to pay for damaged, broken or stolen gear will put your activity at MetroEast on hold until full payment is received.

12. We highly recommend thoroughly inspecting the gear you are checking out, if at anytime anything isn’t working as expected please notify EQ room staff as soon as possible. You will be asked when returning gear if everything worked as expected. Please keep us informed. (see 11 above)

13. Manage your reservations. All reservations have a start time, end time and date(s) associated with them. It is very important that you keep to these scheduled times. Why? Our aim is to get the gear and resources at our disposal into as many people’s hands as possible, as often as possible. Failure to show up for reservations, late return of equipment can all have major knock-on effects and impact other people’s productions. We operate a 30 minute grace period on all our reservations, please call to cancel, let us know your running late etc.

14. Please do not try to exceed your allotment of reservation time. Our aim is to get the gear and resources at our disposal into as many people’s hands as possible, as often as possible.

15. Equipment and Facilities reservations and confirmations can only be made during equipment room hours of operation.

16. Alcohol is not allowed on the premises. If you wish to do a wine tasting show approval must be received in advance from the CEO.

17. Being intoxicated on MetroEast premises (including the parking lot) is prohibited. Also attempting to check out or operate equipment under the influence, will have several consequences: #1 no check out #2 you’ll be asked to leave the premises #3 a warning letter.

18. Many of you ask about “Freedom of Speech”, at MetroEast we try to maintain all public spaces as neutral ground free of discrimination and harassment. So the lounge or lobby are not for political tirades, soap box sermons, or hate speech. “But you guys, you’re all about free speech!?” …. Be as free with your ideas as you want on your program, however MetroEast staff strive to keep our public spaces free of oppressive behavior.

19. Unless you are a sworn law enforcement officer, bringing firearms of any sort on MetroEast premises (including the parking lot) without written permission of the CEO will result in you being: #1 asked to leave the premises immediately and #2 a warning letter.

20. Please do not under any circumstances identify yourself as an employee of MetroEast. Similarly please do not use the MetroEast name or logo on business cards, letterhead, promotional materials or in the title of your show.