Meet Jonathan!

jonathan reiterman

Hello everybody in MetroEast land! My name is Jonathan and as you probably already guessed, I am a volunteer at MetroEast. I have been helping around at MetroEast for the past five or so years, so I have had some experience here and I have been able to see people come and go. Along with that, I witnessed firsthand the change from film to digital here. Over my five years of working here, I have learned a lot of stuff about a lot of things!

When I first came to the studio I had practically no experience with film equipment, apart from a disposable camera or two. To be completely truthful, MetroEast has taught me almost everything I know about how to operate a camera, use a TriCaster unit, editing tips, composition techniques, etc. and what MetroEast didn't teach me I learned by just tinkering with stuff and hands-on work. Let me just say quickly that everybody that works at MetroEast has an awesome personality and is always happy to answer any film/video related questions you might have.

One of the things that I have to thank MetroEast for is my photography career. Seriously. Not to get sappy or anything but, if it was not for Jennifer Dynes and the Get Reel programs' GH4s I would not have been able to try out a "DSLR" ... err micro 4/3s camera. To shorten the story, I checked out a camera and got hooked on photography and that is what I have been doing for the past year. A little after I checked out the GH4 and got hooked on it, I purchased my own camera and I continued to expand my photography and videography horizons.

The past month I have helped the folks at MetroEast document a few of the basketball games that are being played at the high schools in the greater Gresham area. This was my first experience at sports photography and I would absolutely say that it was a blast! Apart from getting a neck cramp because I stared at a monitor for too long. It is very interesting and eye opening to see everything that goes into a sports production. To be truthful I didn't see even half of what went into it but it still amazed me. Big props to Keith and his amazing crew!

Anyway, that should conclude my massively condensed MetroEast story. There is so much more that I could share but I think that you get the gist.


Thank you for reading.

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