seth ring

Just one moment—let me finish howling at the moon in sadness at Taaj’s departure. There. That’s better. Seriously, we will miss Taaj very much—from her spontaneous bouts of singing to her spectacular volunteer wrangling, she brought much joy and prosperity to MetroEast. I will make sure I honor her legacy as I take on the interim Volunteer Director position. I will be building on past experience, including working as volunteer coordinator at Portland Metro’s wildlife monitoring program, my work with National Geographic Student Expeditions community service trips and of course my time working with MetroEast volunteers. I am very excited to grow and enrich your experience at this fabulous facility. If you have any questions regarding upcoming events, volunteering or need help finding crew for your shows, please drop me an email (seth@metroeast.org)  or give me a call ((503) 667-8848 x312).