Goodbye to a class act: Sandy Montgomery

 January 20th may have seemed like just another day to most people. But for MetroEast Community Media staff, it was the last day we had the pleasure of working with Sandy Montgomery, our long-time comptroller who retired.

Sandy recently celebrated 30 years with MetroEast. That kind of loyalty and dedication isn’t common anymore. Through changes in personnel, board members and volunteers, Sandy remained one person you could count on. Known for her high ethical standards, sense of humor, and a serious stubborn streak, Sandy is the person I always knew would have my back. She was feisty but always fair. I can’t tell you how many times over my 9 years at MetroEast that she went above and beyond to help me out. Whether it was explaining to me (again) how my vacation and sick time accrued, loaning me $20 to get me through till payday, or calling the insurance company to yell at them for mis-billing me, she was always happy to help.

I guess Sandy is just one of those people who don’t give up and don’t give in.  Not only did she put in 30 years at MetroEast, but she and her husband, Bruce, have been married for well over 50 years.  Now they are heading off to sunny Florida to be present for the birth of their grandchild to their son, Peter, (the rocket scientist. Really!) and his wife. Their other son, Mark, is an elementary school teacher in the Gresham area and resides there with his wife and family.

Folks used to tease Sandy sometimes for her insistence on using a typewriter for some projects and for maintaining some of her old-school accounting practices. She did things her way and they worked. Even though we had annual financial audits, MetroEast was never in hot water. Thanks to Sandy, our books were always on the up and up and our reputation unsullied. I'm sure she was proud of that. But you'd never hear her toot her own horn. That's why I feel compelled to do it for her today.

Despite savoring the joys of grandparenthood, I imagine Sandy and Bruce will continue to volunteer and minister to those in need. That’s just what they do. I’m sure they’ll do some gardening and traveling as well. But I hope Sandy never forgets her friends at MetroEast and knows how valued she has been both as an employee, and as a friend. Best of luck in retirement, Sandy. We’ll miss you. You've been a real class act.