Behold—The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Regina Wollrabe holding up the table card at MetroEast's Volunteer Appreciation Dinner 2017
It was a wonderful event. We laughed, we cried, we ate Jerry Peterson's excellent barbecue. I'd like to thank all of the volunteers and staff who made this event such a success. We had our highest attendance in years and did MetroEast's largest training event ever (filling in volunteer hours in our new system).
We start planning the Volunteer Appreciation dinner months in advance to make sure it has just the right chemical composition and secret sauce ratio for success. It comes from a place of love. Just like Jerry's cooking. We our volunteers. We get to spend time with an amazing variety pack of people from all different cultures, countries, age groups, socio-economic groups, food groups—you name it.
And don't forget our award winners!!!
Volunteer of the Year: Noelia Arellano
Rookie of the Year: J. Benjamin Peters
Youth Spotlight: Jonathan Reiterman
The Volunteer Appreciation Dinner is just one of the ways we try to say thank you to volunteers who donate over 25,000 hours of their time to MetroEast, helping us complete our mission of invigorating civic engagement, inspiring diverse voices, and strengthening community life. So to all of you who made it, thanks for coming. For those who didn't, we'll see you next year!
P.S. Here is the photo album and the video of the event. Enjoy!!!