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Summer Workshops

The offerings for our summer workshops will be a bit light this summer and I want to give you a little bit of a sneak peek "behind the curtain". We're hard at work assesing all of the workshops that we offer to the community.

Who's Laughing Now

Who is a winner and who is a loser in teen girldom? One girl learns that going her own way, even in the face of withering judgement from her "friends", turns out to be the best choice. Produced by Sophia Bigun, Madalyn Davis, Casey Kovalenko, Claire Siano, Barb Myers, Georgia Wong

The Love Club

Music Video created by amazingly talented teen girls. When are we lost and when are we not? Explore this question through the mind of a teen girl. Wow! Produced by Barb Myers, Noelia Arellano, Lucy Sagoo and Sydney Turner.


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