Can I challenge a workshop?

No. While some producers have previous experience using video equipment, our workshops also include important information about procedures and policy specific to MetroEast. We've made the classes as short as possible to respect your busy schedule and still ensure consistency in our training.

How do discrepancies work?

When you violate a MetroEast policy, the EQ staff will talk with you about it, and a discrepancy will go on your record. If you receive three discrepancies in 13 weeks or five discrepancies in 12 months, you will receive a warning letter. Continual violation of policies will lead to restriction of the use of MetroEast equipment and facilities, followed by a 12-month probation.

What happens if I...

• Cancel without appropriate notice?

• Show up late for a reservation?

• Pick up or return equipment late?

• Damage or misuse equipment?

• Don’t show up for an appointment?


These actions are in violation of MetroEast policy and will generate a discrepancy. 


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